Do you spend more than $5k a month on Google Ads? Get a free audit and find out if your overpaying for traffic or missing massive opportunities

PPC Management Toronto

PPC stands for pay per click and is arguably the fastest way to start generating leads through the internet. 

Find the best keywords

You don’t want to target keywords that don’t result into business. What if I told you that we can find the best keywords that result in the most business. 

Optimize your website

Having a clean website that is optimized for conversions is a must. We track your website and test out different strategies to see what works the best. 

increase conversion rate

By increasing your conversion rate, you could be generating more leads or sales within the same budget. We also track conversions on a keyword level.

Adwords Quality Score

Google AdWords scores each keyword in your campaign from a scale of 1 to 10. The higher the quality score, the less you pay per click. 

Conversion Tracking

What do you define as a conversion for your business? A phone call? Someone filling out the contact form? A sale? Well, we can track that on a keyword level. Find out which keywords result in the most business and which keywords are eating up your budget. 

Landing Page Optimization

One of the factors of your Google AdWords quality score is your landing page experience. We track and test different variations of your landing pages to see which one converts the best.    


Most frequent questions and answers

We will bill you 20% of your monthly spend. For example, if you are spending $500 on AdWords, we will bill you $100 to manage your account. 

We have lots of experience managing AdWords campaigns and are also Google Partners. 

We like to use both. AdWords is great because you can start generating leads right away, while SEO is more of a long term strategy. 

This totally depends on what keywords you are targeting, the geographical area you are targeting and more. Contact us for a free consultation and we can do some free keyword research for you to give you an idea of how much your competitors are spending.  

Ever Google something and now you keep seeing the same ads everywhere you go on the internet? This is remarketing. Contact us to learn more.